Business Formation Services

When you start a new business, it’s vital to make the proper government filings to protect the owners and employees of your future organization. Forming your new business is an important decision that must address state and local regulations. The goal is to operate legally and to shield new or current investments from potential risk. Empire Builders provides new business formation services that can help your new business grow. You’ll benefit from increased credibility and the peace of mind that comes from protecting your personal assets from day one.

Benefits of Small Business Formation Services

State, local and national-level regulations apply to your new small business. It is necessary to register within the county in which your business operates if you plan to provide services or conduct business in that location. You will also want to complete a “Doing Business As” or DBA filing with the correct county. The DBA filing should state the assumed name of your business and its physical address. Our professionals at Empire Builders can advise you on how to file the correct forms with the appropriate county to protect your assets.

Benefits of filing your DBA include:

Branding: use your new business name with new clients or vendors.

Versatility: you can form several new businesses & brands registered to the same owner.

Credibility: customers can verify that you are a legitimate business through state and local authorities’ records.

LLC Business Formation for Small Companies

Empire Builders can provide owners with formation services that establish the organization as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Forming an LLC offers personal protections for owners, employees, and key stakeholders.

Benefits of forming an LLC include:

Asset Protection — LLC owners are protected against creditors in the case the company acquires a substantial amount of debt. Protection against creditors shields your personal assets, such as your property and savings accounts. One of the most important steps to ensure you receive these protections is to properly form the LLC according to regulations and file the appropriate documentation with your state.

Perpetual Succession — An LLC can continue operating after the death of the owner. This benefit of an LLC in most U.S. states is an important protection that vendors and key stakeholders within the company seek since it ensures continued operation if the owner dies.

Tax Savings — An LLC saves business owners on taxes since they are not required to pay taxes at the business level. This tax benefit works by including the business income or loss directly on the taxes of the business owner. This allows the owner of the business to deduct or write off business expenses from the LLC’s profit. Empire Builders can help ensure that your LLC filing includes these benefits to provide you with the maximum tax savings available.

Large Corporation Formation

Business owners with a workforce larger than 500 employees benefit from filing as a corporation. A corporation filing requires extensive legal knowledge and recordkeeping to ensure that assets and employees are protected from potential debt. This process takes a professional team to advise and ensure that all legal and tax considerations are properly filed. Empire Builders is ready to help business owners analyze the benefits and tax considerations. We will help you determine if filing as a corporation is best for your new business.

Reach out to Us for Your New Business Formation

Empire Builders can help clarify the legal and tax considerations of filing as a DBA, LLC, or Corporation. Your personal and business financial success is our goal, and we have experience helping small and large companies draft and file mandatory documents. To learn more about our new business formation services, contact us at Empire Builders.